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We have witnessed a lot of people who have had the slip, and they lose their lives suddenly. What seems like a simple slip, fall stumbling may cause you dire consequences. A slip fall accident can cause severe damage to your head, cause traumatic brain injury, can break your spinal cord, fractures and can even cause your death. If you were injured on someone's property, you have the legal rights claim for compensation if the accident occurred due to the negligence of the homeowner negligence. As a homeowner, you should be very keen to make your home safe so that you do not incur the costs of compensating your clients because of pavement that could cost you very little to repair. Most slip and fall accidents are based on property owners or managers not ensuring that their property is free from hazards or to adequately warn their clients of impending danger. There are more places that can lead to the slip accident and you should be careful to have them put to avoid mischievousness because of your negligence. Discussed below are the hazards that can cause slip and fall accidents and that which can cost you dearly. Click here to get started.


Wet floors and walkways

Property owners or managers should ensure that the spills are thoroughly wiped. If the floors are left to dry, you are advised to provide a warning sign indicating that the floor is wet for the visitors to avoid.


Ice and snow

Managers and homeowners are responsible for wiping out the snow and ice on the sidewalk steps, stairs, parking lots and other walkways. 


Cluttered aisles and fallen items 

You are not required to leave the debris on the floors because they can cause a tripping accident. Another thing you should not do is to put the objects and equipment on a surface where they can easily fall onto the floor hence causing hazards. You should not also overfill shelves where they can fall easily also if knocked.


Damaged floors and floor coverings 

You are required to keep the torn surfaces such torn surfaces such as floors and loose carpets do not cause dangers.


Elevators and elevators

Improperly maintained escalators and elevators could create hazards by stopping or starting abruptly. They can cause a passenger to trip, slip or be knocked down in a fall.


Inadequate lighting

Dim lights or dark hallways or at stairways make it difficult to see the steps and hindrances hence they can cause a painful accident.


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