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Slips and falls are some of the most common accidents in the working environment. Most of the accident claims revolve around slip compensation. This claim can be filed by any person who gets injured as result of slipping at work.  However, whether you are a staff member or an employer, you should ensure that your working environment is safe enough to avoid such kinds of accidents. Here are a number of tips for ensuring that there is a minimal slipping accident at the workplace. First is to avoid running. Running in a working environment can easily result to slipping and other serious accidents. Therefore, the staff and other members should always be asked to walk so that they prevent themselves and other people around from getting hurt. Visit this link to get started.


Another tip is being aware of mats and rags. Mats and rugs can become unsafe and unhealthy when they get old and start curling at the edges. When they have hanging threads, lumps or even bumps, they can easily make someone slip and fall. Therefore, it is important to eliminate such where possible. All the rugs and mats should be flat and fixed on the surface especially at the edges. Another way to avoid slip and fall accidents is to mark or eliminate any changes on the floor level. Changes in the floor level can lead to serious injuries especially where they are unexpected. However, there are certain ways that can be used to ensure they do not cause any harm. First is to provide better lighting in the area, glittering floor markings and also tread marked ramps. These will always make the changes in regard to the floor level much safer.


Poor lighting at the workplace can raise the potential hazards if at all there are any. When you improve on the lighting, you will also reduce the risks of getting the slip and fall accidents. This is true especially if there are stairs. This way, any person walking around will be able to notice clearly the different floor levels. There are certain types of shoes that when worn in a working environment can cause one to slip and fall. Such may include the high heels and shoes that do not fit properly. Therefore, you should wear shoes with strong soles and well -fitting so that you reduce the chances of getting injuries as a result of slipping. Visit website for more info.